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About - Velivian Fesothe

Velivian Fesothe is my artist/furry name, a persona I developed through Second Life to express aspects of who I am.

I started my Tech journey slightly before the Commodore 64 days and surfed the internet back when dial up modems were released just before 56k kbit/s, one of my memories is sitting with my now deceased father where he tried to teach me to code on the Commodore to animate a hot air balloon or just a balloon to move across the screen.

When I was ready to leave school I was asked what I wanted to do for work at my first school careers interview, I asked if I could work with satellites or in the semiconductor industries, manufacturing microchips/CPUs etc as I'd been intrigued, impressed, and inspired by watching Intel Technicians on TV working in clean rooms. Alas such opportunities we're out of reach in my town but I've never forgotten what I dreamed of and it will always motivate me to learn more.

This is likely why I joke I have a tech/laboratory trolley addiction as I enjoy daily surfing products to see what cool looking items come up.

Around 2002 or so I started an ISIT Course and I've been moving in multiple directions over the years picking up skills but not certifications, I'm actively looking to finalise my skillset and collect certifications to prove I'm capable which I hope will lead to the opening up of further opportunities to learn and work in the Tech/3D industries, or will help me with my own projects or opportunities I create myself through my own businesses.

My journey into 3D started when I joined Second Life in 2006 where I started modelling using primitives and became a registered mentor, I then went on to design sims/virtual environment's for DAZ3D in an effort to develop/transition them into a high-end University, Shopping mall, and Welcome Hub when mesh was added to the service, I then moved away to Open simulator to develop DAZLife.

Around 2016 I was trained as a teacher/trainer, part of a 3d printed motorsport program (The Blair Project) after which I started 3d printing on the Ultimaker 2+ for a none profit social enterprise 3d teaching company I founded in 2016 called FossaLab Technologies, where I helped children get started with 3D using Tinker cad and trained adults in Fusion 360 and Hexagon.

I'm currently working on a number of projects and I'm looking to start businesses, I'm open to connections as I will need network support and potentially access to your services.

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What is a Fursona? A fursona is a personal persona resembling an anthropomorphic animal adopted by a member of the furry fandom.

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AI Disclosure: How do I use AI?

I may use AI for a number of automated processes, repetitive tasks, information gathering, and pre-post production techniques in my work, or to support any of my creative processes.

I may use AI trained solely my own data for the purpose of producting just for fun content.

I do not use AI for 3D model production, writing stories, or for anything that would compromise the human nature of my shows, movies, games, art, or my right to retain copyright and trademarks.