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I'm a fustachioed furbrained oddity!

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About - Velivian Fesothe

I’m Velivian Fesothe a 3D modeler and member of the furry fandom (a furry) and my fursona is robotic steampunk pirate “a ringmaster of robots” that is based on my Second Life avatar and is a combination of lion and rabbit parts.

Though I primarily see myself as a Lion, you can view my avatar by visiting my gallery at

I joined Second Life in 2006 where I started modelling using primitives and became a registered mentor, I then went on to design sims/virtual environment's for DAZ3D in an effort to develop a high-end University, Shopping, and Welcome Hub, and then moved away to Opensimulator to develop DAZLife. In Second Life I can be found as: Roger Blackhawk, SteamPunk Gears, and Fluffy Scribe.

Around 2016 I was trained as a teacher/trainer, part of a 3d printed motorsport program (The Blair Project) after which I started 3d printing on the Ultimaker 2+ for a 3d teaching company I founded on the 19 September 2016 called FossaLab Technologies, where I helped children get started with 3D using Tinkercad.

In the future I will be live streaming under my Stream Circus brand at

The Furry Party:

I will be Chairman of The Furry Party: A Political organisation for Furrys, Animal Enthusiasts, and Animal Rights Activists. And a political party that I intend to register in the United Kingdom.


I am the CEO of FurShows, FurShows is a cultural archive for the furry fandom and anthropomorphic fans and aims to be a streaming service.
FurShows aims to own a social enterprise that reinvests funding and ad revenue to help furry creators make and develop content, and shares those created works with the furry fandom through the entertainment website and it’s associated apps.

I am a 3D Modeler of Fesothe 3D: A website that is a showcase of my 3d work and houses my product and merchandise store, which you can purchase 3d content that helps support animals and animal charities.

I intend to run several YouTube channels, and I'm currently saving up for a camera in order to do so. The channels are Fustachioed, Fesothe Gaming, Fesothe 3D, Asset Lunch, Asset Byte, FurShows, The Furry Party, and Snack Ferret.

You can read more about me on my WikiFur profile at the link below.


Fesothe is creating 3D Models, Videos & Scripts.

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